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    The automatic patrol inspection control equipment of fire pump is controlled by microcomputer. The intelligent patrol inspection execution unit in the equipment regularly outputs a low-speed patrol inspection signal to drive the fire pump one by one. At the same time, the insulation resistance value of the pump motor is detected. In case of any problem, the alarm shall be given and recorded for filing, and the maintenance personnel shall be prompted for maintenance. It solves the problems of corrosion and rust death caused by the long-term non operation of the fire pump, and ensures the reliability of the fire pump when extinguishing the fire.

    The fire pump automatic patrol control equipment can be connected to the city fire remote monitoring system or the fire Internet of things operation and maintenance platform through broadband, WiFi, 4G and other communication modes to achieve real-time image monitoring, online diagnosis and other functions.

    Production and manufacturing standards and specifications:

    Article 5.4.4 of ga30.2-2002 performance requirements and test methods for fixed fire water supply equipment;

    Gb16806-2006 fire linkage control system;

    Cnca-c18-01: 2014 rules for the implementation of compulsory product certification fire alarm products; cccf-hzbj-01 rules for the implementation of compulsory product certification fire alarm products fire detection alarm products;

    Gb50440-2007 technical code for urban fire remote monitoring system;

    Gb27898.2-2011 fixed fire water supply equipment Part 2 automatic constant pressure fire water supply equipment, article 5.4.6;

    Article 11 control and operation of gb50974-2014 technical code for fire water supply and hydrant system.