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    自動化控制系統工程(Automation and control systems),機電技術服務,PLC程序(程式)設計,更改,伺服控制系統設計安裝,變頻控制系統設計安裝,電機控制系統設計安裝,液壓氣動控制系統設計安裝,電加熱控制系統設計安裝,瓦斯加熱控制系統設計安裝,機電技術服務。


    Automation and control Systems), mechanical and electrical technical services, PLC program (program) design, change, servo control system design and installation, frequency conversion control system design and installation, motor control system design and installation, hydraulic pneumatic control system design and installation, electric heating control system design and installation, gas heating control system design and installation, mechanical and electrical technical services.

    The purpose of scheduling plan is to ensure the economy and reliability of system operation. It can be divided into power balance plan, maintenance plan, reliability prediction, optimal system composition plan, etc. These contents are mainly carried out in the central control office and the intermediate control office.

    With regard to power balance plan, in order to optimize the whole system, it should be formulated by the central control, but the necessary data should be collected by the intermediate control and transmitted to the central control according to the principle of hierarchical processing.

    The maintenance plan and system composition plan shall be formulated by each jurisdiction system respectively. At this time, attention shall be paid to minimize the data exchange between layers.